Sunday, December 27, 2009

And you'll finally see the truth That a hero lies in you

To everyone that helped to send the Frito Pie boxes to my son's troop....a big THANK YOU!!! We received a phone call from our son on December 23rd from a very happy soldier and his troop!! They were in the middle of eating all their Frito Pies. Many of them were going on missions on December 25th so they had their Christmas Party early.

Our son's captain was so impressed and couldn't believe what had been done that he wished that he could come down and thank all of us in person. Being that he couldn't do that, he gave our son the next best thing; a Challenge Coin. He said he is going to send that down to us and we will share that honor with all of you who helped us to get all of these boxes to these soldiers so they could have their Christmas Wish.

The first things to go were the Jalapenos! We sent 2 pounds of those and probably should have sent more! Who knew? Although they didn't have an electric can opener and had to open all the chili cans with what looked like a razor blade on a stick, all went well and those that never even knew what a Frito Pie was has now enjoyed this delicious treat!

We can't thank all of you enough for pulling together in truly the matter of a little over 24 hours what ya'll were able to do!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

That's the Way, Uh-Huh, Uh-Huh, I Like It

My son received all the boxes for his troop in Afghanistan! All the fritos, chili, cheese, jalopenos, Ding Dongs, Twinkies, Oatmeal Cookies and we can't forget the 1200 Slim Jims!! We couldn't have done it without a LOT of help. I can't thank everyone enough for helping us to pull this off for them!!

Here is what he sent to me:

We will have an Immense, Scrumptious Christmas Thanks to everyone... Everyone that has never had one of these Delicacy's are anxious to try one.. and All those that Love them cannot wait either... so this will be one of the more historical christmas's in Kandahar, Afghanistan...
Thanks Again...

Thank all of them for me and The 451st AEW

Brenda and Hank Pfeifer
Shelley and John Troy
Joy and Paul Burwell
Marieann Wise-Miu and George Wise
Jennifer Tough
Molly, Mike and Mackenzie Goode
Angela Kicklighter and Grammy
Sue Dixon
Kim and Greg Kelly and family
Dan Tripper
Charles William
Carolyn and Steve Wong and family
Nick Banfield
Melissa Singleton and family
Amy and George Sowers
Renee Cannon
Katherine Navarra and family
Tom Lockhart
Tania and Charles Johnson and family
Tony Klepper
Oleta Baldridge


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Food! Glorious Food!

Those of you who know me, know that I have three sons in the military. Two are in the Air Force, one is a Marine. I know that there are many other families just like me out there and we are so proud of every single one of them! My Marine is now stateside after serving a tour in Iraq and one of my sons is also stationed here as well. But my second oldest is serving his second tour, this time in Afghanistan, the first one being in Iraq two years ago.

A few weeks before Thanksgiving we spoke to him and during that conversation we found out that their Thanksgiving dinner was going to consist of powdered turkey and canned yams and their Christmas dinner wasn't going to be much better.

Where he is stationed, they don't have microwaves or a decent kitchen that has regular ovens or stoves. They have solar ovens to cook food. So, the food they eat isn't the greatest! But, what him and his troop of 100 soldiers really wanted for their Christmas dinner this year was Frito Pies!

First, we tried contacting Frito Lay. The person we spoke to in customer service wasn't all that welcome to the idea and we got a form letter in return of sorry, we don't do that kind of thing. Now, it was up to us and our deadline was fast approaching to do something to make sure we could get Frito Pies to them in time.

I came up with an idea in that, there were 11 soldiers in my son's unit and if we sent each of those soldiers at least two Priority Flat Rate boxes of Frito Pie fixin's it would only cost around $35 to feed 10 solders. Surely we could find enough people to sponsor two boxes per soldier!

I put out a call to my closest friends, my Soap Team and my daughter's castmates at Stage Right and within 24 hours we had more than enough to not only get them their Frito Pies, but dessert and enough Slim Jims to feed all 100 of them! Plus, one of the cast members brought in enough Beanie Babies to fill two Priority Boxes to send over to Afghanistan to hand out to the children there and will be delivered to the Humanitarian division!

I cannot thank everyone ENOUGH for their help and response in making sure these soldiers get their Frito Pie Christmas Dinner! I will continue to update my blog when they receive their packages and I am sure we will hear from them very soon!

A special thanks goes out to:

Brenda and Hank Pfeifer
Shelley and John Troy
Joy and Paul Burwell
Marieann Wise-Miu and George Wise
Jennifer Tough
Molly, Mike and Mackenzie Goode
Angela Kicklighter and Grammy
Sue Dixon
Kim and Greg Kelly and family
Dan Tripper
Charles William
Carolyn and Steve Wong and family
Nick Banfield
Melissa Singleton and family
Amy and George Sowers
Renee Cannon
Katherine Navarra and family
Tom Lockhart
Tania and Charles Johnson and family
Tony Klepper
Oleta Baldridge

From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU!

The Brown family

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bop 'til you drop In the hot city,,,,,

Or in this case, shop til you drop! With the holidays coming up, why hit the crowded malls when you can shop in the comfort of your home!! This weekend, the SAFETeam is having their weekend deals sale! Check out the SAFETEAM blog .

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It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day, It's a New Life and For Me...I'm Feeling Good

Well, it seems to have worked! I know there are some that think I may have been mean and cruel, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do and here are the end results!

She's happy and I'm very happy. For some, it may not be perfect, but you know, I'll take what I can get. I think she did a very good job and I'm proud of her. Now, to get her in a routine so it won't become a disaster zone again!

Wait she's a tweenager! What am I talking about!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

All You Ever Do is Talk, Talk

It seems that way sometimes doesn't it? We can talk to our kids till we're blue in the face, but maybe pictures can do so much more than words can. Every week (day) it seems that I'm always asking my daughter to clean her room. When she was little she would come to me and say, "Look mom, I made a path!" Now, it's, "Look mom, my floor is clean!" But, there are still glasses or clothes or something still tucked in a corner or under the bed.

I try to tell her it's so much easier if upon first waking to pick up things or if, before she goes to sleep at night to clean up. Then, there wouldn't be much to do.

I've also tried to instill the Flylady method by starting in one corner and working around the room. But, to know avail.

We even redecorated her room and it was clean for about a month and now? Well, as you can by the pictures, it's a disaster area!

She knows these pictures are being seen and at least that has started her cleaning up now. Maybe the thought of friends and strangers seeing what her room has become finally motivated her to do something.

With luck, cleaner pictures to follow.

Motivational comments and ideas welcome.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Who Are You? Who? Who? Who? Who?

If I were a bar of soap? That's what the newest Etsy SAFEteam challenge is? WOW? How can one describe themselves in a bar of soap?

Well, guess what? Those of us on the Soap Artisan's For Etsy have decided to give it a shot! Come check out who we are as a bar of soap?

We need ya'll to vote for us and as a bonus, you'll win too! All of those who leave comments on the SAFEteam's blog post will be entered to win a bar of the "winning" soap!

Oh, and if you want to find more about me? Check out my soap on the page, ZoZca's Phunky Chic!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby, baby, please let me hold him.... I wanna make him stay up all night

Oh, those little ones. Sometimes they're just sooo good and other times. Well, we won't talk about those. But, they're just as cute as a button!!! What am I talking about? Why babies of course!!!

From the moment they are born to the minute they leave the house and beyond, we as moms, always want to protect our little ones.

So, I've come up with What A Bum-mer Booty Balm!

We make this by infusing Calendula and Organic Comfrey Leaf to help keep your baby's booty dry and to help avoid diaper rash!

We also add some other booty loving oils such as Rice Bran, Certified Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, Kokum Butter, Jojoba, Oil, Unrefined Fair Trade Shea Butter, Jasmine Floral Wax amd Squalane Oil to keep your little tyke happy when he is toodling around town.

Come give it a try at ZoZca!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The road is long. With many a winding turn.....

Well, after what seemed years away from home, our vacation is over and we have returned from an unexpectedly wonderful and amusing trip with my entire family!

We started off our trip traveling for a couple of days to the 9th annual River Roar in Marietta, OH! We stopped halfway in Memphis, TN where we found a great little chicken place called Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken. I don't know what they do to the skin of that chicken, but it was very, very good!! This is a must stop place for you to eat if you are ever in the Memphis area!! Very good chicken!!
Now, on to Ohio!! The speedboats, as always, were exciting and thrilling. Although there were no major crashes, the speed at which these tremendous boats race was still amazing with upwards of 115mph in water no less! This year they ended the races with a spectacular fireworks show over the Ohio River bridge to the ooohs and ahhhs of everyone watching. Although, the first day of the time trials were called due to rain, the next day was quite beautiful and they started early with the time trials and got all of the racing in. Even though I had my SPF 50 on and was sitting under the umbrellas, I still got weird sunburns on my nose, one side of my cheek, my lips and on my knuckles!! I didn't know at that time, but apparently, I was given the wrong type of antibiotics for my Lyme Disease (Doxycycline instead of Monodox) and shouldn't have been out in sunlight at all!

After the finals of the speedboats were over, we all piled into our cars and headed out for Canaan, W. VA! My family in their big SUVS and cars and I in my MINI went up and down the mountains of W. VA! After quickly learning to downshift in the mountains I had a blast on those twisties!! My other family members (and from what I hear, my mom screaming) wanted to brake on all those curves, but I was having FUN!!!!

We had a great house that held all 14 of us very comfortably and without too much of a fuss, we were all settled into the many rooms that the house offered! We were warned about the bears in the area, but we weren't worried. We were no match for no stinking bears! Or, so we thought until my sister went jogging on Day 3 out in the middle of nowhere. She had run about 3 miles when she noticed that a car had stopped on the road. She thought that was odd and then she saw a black bear cross the road between her and the car! A moment passed as the bear went on its merry way. My sister, without her cell phone, did the only thing a normal person would do in this situation. She broke out in tears!! The car on the other side sat there for a bit and then continued on its merry way as well. Did it stop to ask the hysterically crying woman in the middle of the road if she was okay? No. My sister said another car passed her by as well, and they did not stop either. She said she was literally in the middle of the road bawling her eyes out and no one stopped to see if she was okay, like this was an everyday occurrence when you are out in the middle of nowhere on a mountain! Finally another car passed in the opposite direction and my sister flagged down the driver who did stop and ask what was wrong. My sister said she didn't know why she was crying but a bear just crossed the road and she didn't want to jog anymore. The teenager in the back seat said if she saw a bear, she would be crying too! The good Samaritans gave my sister a lift back to our house safe and sound.

During our stay we went fishing, horseback riding and tubing which was a lot of fun. But, you may ask, since I couldn't go out in the sun, just what did I do? Well, my readers, I was smart and figured I needed some zinc oxide to put on my face. But since we were out in the middle of nowhere and there weren't any beaches or lakes nearby, I got the next best thing. Yup, Desitin!! Well, it is zinc oxide and it did work! Although, after having to put it on my lips, cheeks and nose, my family proceeded to tease me and call me names since I had to wear hats and sunglasses and long sleeve shirts to protect myself!! I may have gotten teased, BUT, I didn't get burnt any more! We also went to visit Blackwater Falls which is a beautiful waterfall very near to where we stayed. The country out there is just very gorgeous and so peaceful!

Alas, at the end of our week and a half it was time to make our trek home. It was a rainy Friday and as much as I loved the mountains when we arrived, they were no longer my friend when we left. Mountains and rain do not bode well and it took us forever to leave West Virginia. It took us even longer to get out of Virginia as the rains took their tolls on car accidents which left us in traffic for hours. It took us 13 hours just to get to the border of Virginia and North Carolina when we said we were done driving for the day. The good thing? We found the nice little town of Mt. Airy, North Carolina. Never heard of it? Well, I'm sure you've heard of Andy Griffith! Yup, this is his hometown. Now, start whistling! I know I've got ya with that little ditty in your head! It's a quaint little town and it was a great place to stop for the night. Our next stop was Alpharetta, GA to see an old friend and eat some fantastic sushi. It was great to relax and enjoy a restful evening with friends and then wake up when we wanted and make the push home.

Vacations are always lovely, but afterwards it's still always nice to come home to my great, fluffy, cloud bed and sleep!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Flyin' (Drivin') me back to Memphis.......

It's our annual road trip to see (fight with) my family. You know the one. Everyone gets together, you have the big blowout once you get there and then everyone is all happy! That's how it usually goes with us! Oh, don't get me wrong. We all love each other, but we're just as dysfunctional as the next family is!

This time we're heading to Ohio and then onward to West Virginia! Ten hour days each and eight of them just to get out of Texas! A lot of driving but we have Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy downloaded, we have our towel, we're not going to panic. We're ready to go!

First stop in Memphis was Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken in Colliersville. A little deceiving as it's just a little house on a street, but don't let that fool you. The house is actually on the historic registry and the chicken is very good. Always fresh, never frozen. Although they say it is hot and spicy, this Texas girl needed to put some hot sauce on it, but the taste itself was very good. A very good recommendation from the Food Network and in a very good price range too.

Day two, we are on our way to Ohio. Next post then!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

And I’m proud to be an American,

where at least I know I’m free. And I wont forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.

Happy Independence Day Everyone!!!!!

For today only, I'm having a quick sale!! If you order anything on my site at Your shipping will be free! This offer expires 12Noon, Sunday, July 5th! So, hurry don't delay!!

To get the free shipping, you MUST put FIREWORKS in the Notes to Seller box upon checkout. I will refund you via Paypal!

Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sing, Sing A Song - Make it Simple

Well, it seems my contest wasn't a simple one, but it did get a lot of you thinking! I did get a winner and it was Brittany S. from my Facebook! Boy, she was a trooper too!! Her first guess was actually the title of the song, but she came back and did give me the name of the group. She picked up a free bar of soap of Meloncholy Rayne and it went out in the mail today!

Oh, want to know what it is? You sure? Weeeeell, okay. I'll give you one better. I present to you from my very own 1968 album
Greetings, Children of Paradise,
the one, the only:



This contest was a lot of fun!! I'll have to go dig in some more of my old albums and see what other contests I can come up with!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Greetings, Greetings, Greetings.....

Wouldn't you like to go away? Greetings, greetings, greetings. Come and see me don't delay!

The above, including the title are the lyrics to a song I have been singing all morning and playing on my phone.

Because of this, I have decided to have a little contest!!!! Tadah!!!

The first person who can tell me the artist or group of said above lyrics, will get a free bar of one of my delicious and delectable soaps!!! But, put on your thinking caps because it isn't as easy as you think!!!

Have fun!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Let The Good Times Roll

Have you ever felt that you were living the story of Neil Simon's play "God's Favorite"? Or, better known as the story of Job?
The day after Memorial day my husband came home from work at 10am. I said, "Wow, honey, you're home from work early!" He said, "Yup! I'll give you three guesses why and the first two don't count!"

Truthfully, we knew the day was coming that he would be laid off as they told him a year earlier that he was on the short list. At least it lasted longer than we thought it would. So, onward and upward. He's sending out resumes and we're hoping that he won't be out of work for long.

Later that week my daughter's pet rabbit died. It was a cute little bunny, but contrary to what you see on t.v., veggies are really not good for a baby rabbits' diet and it was a hard lesson to learn. Now she has a new bunny and it is thriving wonderfully and growing by leaps and bounds. Her first rabbit's name was Peace and this one is called Puzzle. As she put it, this is a missing Peace to her Puzzle.

A few days after that I noticed some bites on my legs. Didn't think anything of them, but they didn't go away as most bites often do. The following week, the bites were still there followed by funky rashes on my feet and hands. By the end of the weekend, the rashes had spread to my arms and back. I made an appointment with a dermatologist who confirmed........Lyme's Disease! Oh, joy! Could these weeks get any better? The good news? It's not contagious and now I'm loaded with antibiotics for a really long time! At least the horrendous spots on my body are slowly going away so I don't scare young children as I walk down the street!

But wait! There's more! Yesterday, my daughter walked outside towards our pasture to find a strange dog out there and our 6 year old horse dead. We don't know if the dog had anything to do with it or the 103 degree heat that we've had the past few days or a combination of both. After frantically searching for someone with a backhoe to bury him that day and hoping that it wasn't going to cost an arm and a leg, we found that the county will come and do it for free. Well, I guess they may raise my taxes, but they were out there within the hour with a huge Gradall and buried our beautiful horse.

Do, you think the excitement ends there? Oh, of course not my dear readers. I can't let this end on a sad note. I'll let it end on something thrilling! Because we are having an unusual eventful time in our lives we have to have something involving the police, right? Did I get your attention now?

I will try to change the names to protect the innocent! So, my husband was leaving the parking lot of a big store that kind of rhymes with BalCart when he said a guy and a girl ran in front of his car! He didn't think anything of it except that he almost hit them! He said one of them had a bag in their hands and threw it and stuff flew out of it. They took off running. My husband went his usual way to leave when he saw the girl running very fast in his direction towards the gas station. If you want to be inconspicuous, DON'T RUN! So, he decided to turn into the gas station to see what she would do. She ran into some trees to hide. My husband saw what looked like an undercover officer who was looking for her and told him "She's in the trees!". The cop was on the phone apparently calling 911, jumped out of his truck, the girl jumped out of the trees and both took off running. My husband then went to leave again but saw a truck that looked like it was waiting for the girl and the girl was runnning to it, so my husband moved in front of the truck and stopped. The girl jumped in the truck, but since my husband wouldn't move, the officer caught up, grabbed the girl out of the truck and handcuffed her. At that time, police cars from all over converged onto the scene and my husband toodled on home. He did his good deed for the day!

I'm very glad that there were no weapons involved and he came home safely.

Maybe our karma is changing and we will soon be back to normal.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Livin' it up at the Hotel California

I was in Palm Springs, CA last week attending a soapmaking conference (yes, they do have those) I had a blast and when it was over me and three of the attendees, Georgia, Eleanor and Gili headed out to take the Palm Springs Tram tour. I recommend it highly for anyone going to that area. As we headed out to the base of the mountain at 2,600 feet above sea level our car just decided it didn’t like the grade of the mountain. The speed limit said 15mph and by golly our car wasn’t going to go any higher. After parking and getting out of the car, we didn’t know if we were even going to make it up the parking lot to the entrance!! People all around us had hiking boots, walking sticks, walking poles, etc. Yes, we were in trouble! As we were walking up the hill we hear “Helloooo my ladies!” It was a jolly man from Austria now living in California. Apparently, he had a season pass and walked the mountain every day. He called us his little girls and encouraged us to keep walking that we would enjoy the beauty of the squirrels and other wildlife that we might see once we took the tram up. According to Frank (our Austrian friend), the tram is Swiss made making it one of the best. Everyone piles in and as you go up the 4 mile rail, the tram rotates 360°. It takes about 10 minutes to get up to the top of the mountain, but once you are up their the temperature drops to around 62° and it is just fresh, clean air. There are a couple of nature trails that you can hike. One is very gentle and the other has a couple of hills and is about a mile and a half long. Georgia chose the gentle path whereas Gili, Eleanor and I chose the latter. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous and we stopped and took many pictures as we walked about. As we came back around we heard weird squawking sounds. Lo and behold, it was our friend Frank. He was calling to his lovely animal friends as he called it and was tossing them bits of food. He had Stellar Jays, a raven
and a very brave Ground Squirrel
that kept running up to him and grabbing a cracker out of his hand. We took a few photos of this and made our way back up to the main building as we had now built up quite an appetite. Inside, there is a really nice restaurant with floor to ceiling windows so that you can look out all around at the mountains and what’s below. We're seated near the back end of the restaurant. We’re enjoying our lunch and our company when a fly lands in my meal. I'm thinking the thing that has landed in my food will just fly off, but it doesn't!! I think, my gosh! It died!!! I had to scoop it out with my spoon and stick it on the napkin!! Uh,,,,waiter? Then, Georgia says Nikie what's on your jacket? I look and I have a moth on my jacket so I brush it off. I go back to enjoying my meal sans fly and I see something down on my right hand side. I look and jump! It's a squirrel!!! There is a squirrel in the restaurant and it's looking up at me like it's going to jump in my lap!!! Gili jumps up and screams, which startles the squirrel and it scampers off. My friend Georgia is trying to get her camera and I'm grabbing mine cause we think it's hilarious that there's this squirrel IN a restaurant!! How the heck did it get in there!!! So, we can't find it and go back to eating. Next thing we see is the waiter shooing the squirrel down the carpet!!! We said, wait, we want a picture of it. So, he calls it! He gets down on his knee and acts like he has food and the squirrel comes running back to him! Eleanor takes one of her French fries and lowers her hand to the floor and the squirrel runs towards her and jumps on her purse. It then proceeds to climb up the chair and jump in her lap!!! She now has a squirrel in her lap getting a french fry!! At this point we are now the paparazzi and taking pictures of this animal just enjoying itself. The squirrel jumps down, eats the french fry on her purse and proceeds to scamper it's way out of the restaurant. At this point we can't stop laughing because we think this is the funniest thing ever. We look outside the window and there on the sidewalk we see this squirrel walking towards where we are sitting, but it's outside. I raise my hand and do a sideways wave and say Hello little buddy and I swear, cross my heart that the squirrel stopped walking and raised its paw up and waved back! Georgia and Gili saw it too!!! We all shouted that the squirrel waved back, and no Georgia said there is no way that that squirrel just waved at you. It then went along it's merry way down the mountain!!! Needless to say after that nothing else could be topped so we headed back on the tram down the mountain. But, if you ever go to Palm Springs and take the Tram Tour be sure and stop in their restaurant and say hello to our Little Buddy! She just might be there waiting to jump in your lap!

Monday, April 13, 2009

I don't know what color your eyes are baby, but your hair is long and brown

I am co-teaching a filmmaking class with two very wonderful people. We teach kids from 10-17 years of age all about what goes on in making a film and then they get to go out and create their masterpieces. One of the groups is working on a vampire film! In doing this they needed red contacts for some of their actors. In searching for the red contacts, I found that colored contacts weren't that expensive. Also, I had been hanging out with a friend of mine who had been wearing some and they looked pretty cool, so I decided to order some and give them a try.

For $13.00 I could get a pair of non-prescription lenses. So, I got a few colors to play with. I got jade green, dark blue and gray. They arrived and came with an instruction sheet on how to put them in your eye. Well, I have never ever in my life worn contact lenses, but, because of theatre and such, I don't have a problem with sticking stuff in or near my eyes. Plus, my sister wore contacts, how hard can this be? So, I go to put the contact lens in. It goes in my eye and directly to the top inside of my lid!!! do I get it out? I try pulling my upper lid over my lower. I try pulling my lid out and looking down. I try pretty much everything and I can see the contact lens up in there!! So, I call the people whom I bought the contacts from.

Contact Lens People: Hi, can I help you?
Me: Yes, I tried to put in my contact lens, but it's now up inside my eyelid.
CLP: Oh, it's probably a memory thing and you think it's up there, but it actually popped out!
Me: Nope. I can see it. It's up there.
CLP: Well, then. It is in your eye. You know it's not going to go into your brain or anything.
Me: Yes, I know that. Can you tell me how to get it out?
CLP: Uh, have you tried pulling your eyelid over your bottom eyelid?
Me: Yes, I've done that already. It didn't work.
CLP: Oh. Well, hold the eyelid out and look down at your feet. With your left hand bring it above your head over your eye and then try to see if you can get to the contact.
Me: What? Excuse me. This should eventually come out, right?
CLP: Oh yes. It will come out eventually. Like I said, it can't go into your brain.
Me: Yes, again, I know that.
CLP: Okay then. Is there anything else I can help you with?
Me (sighing) No, I'll call you if I have any problems. Thanks.

It was sooooo goofy. Apparently, they don't get phone calls like that!! That night was film class, so, I went there with the thing in my eyelid. It didn't hurt at all, but I could feel it. I get to the class and some of the kids are there. I say, "Well, I did an idiot thing. I tried to put a contact in my eye and now it's stuck! Who wants to put their finger in my eye and get it out?" Apparently, no one wanted the job!! Finally, the guy I work with said, "I wear contacts, you want me to try to get it out?" I said, "Sure, I don't care just get it out!" He walks over to me and I just looked at him and said, "Uh, can you wash your hands first?".

So, I sat down in a chair, leaned my head back and he started poking and prodding at my eye. Apparently, this sucker had wedged its way up under the eyelid muscle!! He finally worked it down a bit, but couldn't get his finger on it. He said, okay who has fingernails and can pull it down! The other teacher who works with us said, "I do, but I don't want to poke in Nikie's eye!". I said, "Go for it. This doesn't hurt me and I want it out!" She so did not want to go near my eye, but she bravely and very gently caught the tip of it with her fingernail and pulled it out from under my eyelid. Once I saw it over my pupil (it got real blurrry) I grabbed it and pulled it off my eye!! Tadah!

I wanted to put it back in to try it since I now had people who could pull it out if necessary, but they said no way!

The next day, I told my husband, "Hey! I have an idea!! It's time for me to have my yearly eye exam right? So, why don't I go down to the doctor's office, get my eyes checked and see if they can show me how to put in contacts!" And that's what I did!! But, when I asked them to do that, they said it would be a liability for them to show me with contacts I didn't get from them. Being that the glasses I already had should still work for the next year and my insurance did allow for contacts, my doctor prescribed for me new colored contacts! Whoo hoo!! Then, they showed me how to put in contacts!!! Now, I know how to put them in and it only took one try! I don't wear them every day, so these should last a few years!

The stuff I go through just for fun! But, they look cool!

Friday, January 2, 2009

It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want Too!

Alright, so it's not mine, but close enough. I gotta be the one to put this sucker on, right? Over the years, birthday parties have gotten crazier and crazier! They gotta have themes. All the plates have to match the invitations, the napkins, the decorations.

Oh, and on top of that, they are going home with goodies!!! WHAT? I never understood this concept. Come to my party and I'll bribe you by sending you home with tons of trinkets and treats that you will never use and lose! We went to a Build-A-Bear party where all the guests were given $10 gift cards! I couldn't wrap my mind around that one. The biggest bribe of them all, come to my party and you get to Build-A-Bear for free, oh and bring me a gift too! I couldn't even imagine the bill for that parent! Glad I wasn't her!

Remember the good ole days when all your friends came to your house? Your mom made a cake and you played relay games like blowing up a balloon, running to the end of the drive and sitting on it to pop it and then run back to tag the next person in line. Or, carrying an egg on a spoon and racing back and forth to see which team could do this the fastest! All without worrying about prizes! It was all for the fun of it. Later, you could whack a pinata, eat the cake, open gifts and everyone had a good time!

Luckily, this seems to be the going trend again and I'm glad that it's back. I was never one for the trinkets and goody bags!

So, tomorrow, we will have numerous kids running rampant, playing relay games, whacking a pinata, eating cake and just having a bunch of fun at a no-theme birthday party! You know, everyday life! Now, let's just hope the weather holds up!