Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sing, Sing A Song - Make it Simple

Well, it seems my contest wasn't a simple one, but it did get a lot of you thinking! I did get a winner and it was Brittany S. from my Facebook! Boy, she was a trooper too!! Her first guess was actually the title of the song, but she came back and did give me the name of the group. She picked up a free bar of soap of Meloncholy Rayne and it went out in the mail today!

Oh, want to know what it is? You sure? Weeeeell, okay. I'll give you one better. I present to you from my very own 1968 album
Greetings, Children of Paradise,
the one, the only:



This contest was a lot of fun!! I'll have to go dig in some more of my old albums and see what other contests I can come up with!