Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby, baby, please let me hold him.... I wanna make him stay up all night

Oh, those little ones. Sometimes they're just sooo good and other times. Well, we won't talk about those. But, they're just as cute as a button!!! What am I talking about? Why babies of course!!!

From the moment they are born to the minute they leave the house and beyond, we as moms, always want to protect our little ones.

So, I've come up with What A Bum-mer Booty Balm!

We make this by infusing Calendula and Organic Comfrey Leaf to help keep your baby's booty dry and to help avoid diaper rash!

We also add some other booty loving oils such as Rice Bran, Certified Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, Kokum Butter, Jojoba, Oil, Unrefined Fair Trade Shea Butter, Jasmine Floral Wax amd Squalane Oil to keep your little tyke happy when he is toodling around town.

Come give it a try at ZoZca!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The road is long. With many a winding turn.....

Well, after what seemed years away from home, our vacation is over and we have returned from an unexpectedly wonderful and amusing trip with my entire family!

We started off our trip traveling for a couple of days to the 9th annual River Roar in Marietta, OH! We stopped halfway in Memphis, TN where we found a great little chicken place called Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken. I don't know what they do to the skin of that chicken, but it was very, very good!! This is a must stop place for you to eat if you are ever in the Memphis area!! Very good chicken!!
Now, on to Ohio!! The speedboats, as always, were exciting and thrilling. Although there were no major crashes, the speed at which these tremendous boats race was still amazing with upwards of 115mph in water no less! This year they ended the races with a spectacular fireworks show over the Ohio River bridge to the ooohs and ahhhs of everyone watching. Although, the first day of the time trials were called due to rain, the next day was quite beautiful and they started early with the time trials and got all of the racing in. Even though I had my SPF 50 on and was sitting under the umbrellas, I still got weird sunburns on my nose, one side of my cheek, my lips and on my knuckles!! I didn't know at that time, but apparently, I was given the wrong type of antibiotics for my Lyme Disease (Doxycycline instead of Monodox) and shouldn't have been out in sunlight at all!

After the finals of the speedboats were over, we all piled into our cars and headed out for Canaan, W. VA! My family in their big SUVS and cars and I in my MINI went up and down the mountains of W. VA! After quickly learning to downshift in the mountains I had a blast on those twisties!! My other family members (and from what I hear, my mom screaming) wanted to brake on all those curves, but I was having FUN!!!!

We had a great house that held all 14 of us very comfortably and without too much of a fuss, we were all settled into the many rooms that the house offered! We were warned about the bears in the area, but we weren't worried. We were no match for no stinking bears! Or, so we thought until my sister went jogging on Day 3 out in the middle of nowhere. She had run about 3 miles when she noticed that a car had stopped on the road. She thought that was odd and then she saw a black bear cross the road between her and the car! A moment passed as the bear went on its merry way. My sister, without her cell phone, did the only thing a normal person would do in this situation. She broke out in tears!! The car on the other side sat there for a bit and then continued on its merry way as well. Did it stop to ask the hysterically crying woman in the middle of the road if she was okay? No. My sister said another car passed her by as well, and they did not stop either. She said she was literally in the middle of the road bawling her eyes out and no one stopped to see if she was okay, like this was an everyday occurrence when you are out in the middle of nowhere on a mountain! Finally another car passed in the opposite direction and my sister flagged down the driver who did stop and ask what was wrong. My sister said she didn't know why she was crying but a bear just crossed the road and she didn't want to jog anymore. The teenager in the back seat said if she saw a bear, she would be crying too! The good Samaritans gave my sister a lift back to our house safe and sound.

During our stay we went fishing, horseback riding and tubing which was a lot of fun. But, you may ask, since I couldn't go out in the sun, just what did I do? Well, my readers, I was smart and figured I needed some zinc oxide to put on my face. But since we were out in the middle of nowhere and there weren't any beaches or lakes nearby, I got the next best thing. Yup, Desitin!! Well, it is zinc oxide and it did work! Although, after having to put it on my lips, cheeks and nose, my family proceeded to tease me and call me names since I had to wear hats and sunglasses and long sleeve shirts to protect myself!! I may have gotten teased, BUT, I didn't get burnt any more! We also went to visit Blackwater Falls which is a beautiful waterfall very near to where we stayed. The country out there is just very gorgeous and so peaceful!

Alas, at the end of our week and a half it was time to make our trek home. It was a rainy Friday and as much as I loved the mountains when we arrived, they were no longer my friend when we left. Mountains and rain do not bode well and it took us forever to leave West Virginia. It took us even longer to get out of Virginia as the rains took their tolls on car accidents which left us in traffic for hours. It took us 13 hours just to get to the border of Virginia and North Carolina when we said we were done driving for the day. The good thing? We found the nice little town of Mt. Airy, North Carolina. Never heard of it? Well, I'm sure you've heard of Andy Griffith! Yup, this is his hometown. Now, start whistling! I know I've got ya with that little ditty in your head! It's a quaint little town and it was a great place to stop for the night. Our next stop was Alpharetta, GA to see an old friend and eat some fantastic sushi. It was great to relax and enjoy a restful evening with friends and then wake up when we wanted and make the push home.

Vacations are always lovely, but afterwards it's still always nice to come home to my great, fluffy, cloud bed and sleep!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Flyin' (Drivin') me back to Memphis.......

It's our annual road trip to see (fight with) my family. You know the one. Everyone gets together, you have the big blowout once you get there and then everyone is all happy! That's how it usually goes with us! Oh, don't get me wrong. We all love each other, but we're just as dysfunctional as the next family is!

This time we're heading to Ohio and then onward to West Virginia! Ten hour days each and eight of them just to get out of Texas! A lot of driving but we have Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy downloaded, we have our towel, we're not going to panic. We're ready to go!

First stop in Memphis was Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken in Colliersville. A little deceiving as it's just a little house on a street, but don't let that fool you. The house is actually on the historic registry and the chicken is very good. Always fresh, never frozen. Although they say it is hot and spicy, this Texas girl needed to put some hot sauce on it, but the taste itself was very good. A very good recommendation from the Food Network and in a very good price range too.

Day two, we are on our way to Ohio. Next post then!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

And I’m proud to be an American,

where at least I know I’m free. And I wont forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.

Happy Independence Day Everyone!!!!!

For today only, I'm having a quick sale!! If you order anything on my site at http://www.zozca.etsy.com Your shipping will be free! This offer expires 12Noon, Sunday, July 5th! So, hurry don't delay!!

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Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sing, Sing A Song - Make it Simple

Well, it seems my contest wasn't a simple one, but it did get a lot of you thinking! I did get a winner and it was Brittany S. from my Facebook! Boy, she was a trooper too!! Her first guess was actually the title of the song, but she came back and did give me the name of the group. She picked up a free bar of soap of Meloncholy Rayne and it went out in the mail today!

Oh, what...you want to know what it is? You sure? Weeeeell, okay. I'll give you one better. I present to you from my very own 1968 album
Greetings, Children of Paradise,
the one, the only:



This contest was a lot of fun!! I'll have to go dig in some more of my old albums and see what other contests I can come up with!