Friday, January 2, 2009

It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want Too!

Alright, so it's not mine, but close enough. I gotta be the one to put this sucker on, right? Over the years, birthday parties have gotten crazier and crazier! They gotta have themes. All the plates have to match the invitations, the napkins, the decorations.

Oh, and on top of that, they are going home with goodies!!! WHAT? I never understood this concept. Come to my party and I'll bribe you by sending you home with tons of trinkets and treats that you will never use and lose! We went to a Build-A-Bear party where all the guests were given $10 gift cards! I couldn't wrap my mind around that one. The biggest bribe of them all, come to my party and you get to Build-A-Bear for free, oh and bring me a gift too! I couldn't even imagine the bill for that parent! Glad I wasn't her!

Remember the good ole days when all your friends came to your house? Your mom made a cake and you played relay games like blowing up a balloon, running to the end of the drive and sitting on it to pop it and then run back to tag the next person in line. Or, carrying an egg on a spoon and racing back and forth to see which team could do this the fastest! All without worrying about prizes! It was all for the fun of it. Later, you could whack a pinata, eat the cake, open gifts and everyone had a good time!

Luckily, this seems to be the going trend again and I'm glad that it's back. I was never one for the trinkets and goody bags!

So, tomorrow, we will have numerous kids running rampant, playing relay games, whacking a pinata, eating cake and just having a bunch of fun at a no-theme birthday party! You know, everyday life! Now, let's just hope the weather holds up!