Monday, April 13, 2009

I don't know what color your eyes are baby, but your hair is long and brown

I am co-teaching a filmmaking class with two very wonderful people. We teach kids from 10-17 years of age all about what goes on in making a film and then they get to go out and create their masterpieces. One of the groups is working on a vampire film! In doing this they needed red contacts for some of their actors. In searching for the red contacts, I found that colored contacts weren't that expensive. Also, I had been hanging out with a friend of mine who had been wearing some and they looked pretty cool, so I decided to order some and give them a try.

For $13.00 I could get a pair of non-prescription lenses. So, I got a few colors to play with. I got jade green, dark blue and gray. They arrived and came with an instruction sheet on how to put them in your eye. Well, I have never ever in my life worn contact lenses, but, because of theatre and such, I don't have a problem with sticking stuff in or near my eyes. Plus, my sister wore contacts, how hard can this be? So, I go to put the contact lens in. It goes in my eye and directly to the top inside of my lid!!! do I get it out? I try pulling my upper lid over my lower. I try pulling my lid out and looking down. I try pretty much everything and I can see the contact lens up in there!! So, I call the people whom I bought the contacts from.

Contact Lens People: Hi, can I help you?
Me: Yes, I tried to put in my contact lens, but it's now up inside my eyelid.
CLP: Oh, it's probably a memory thing and you think it's up there, but it actually popped out!
Me: Nope. I can see it. It's up there.
CLP: Well, then. It is in your eye. You know it's not going to go into your brain or anything.
Me: Yes, I know that. Can you tell me how to get it out?
CLP: Uh, have you tried pulling your eyelid over your bottom eyelid?
Me: Yes, I've done that already. It didn't work.
CLP: Oh. Well, hold the eyelid out and look down at your feet. With your left hand bring it above your head over your eye and then try to see if you can get to the contact.
Me: What? Excuse me. This should eventually come out, right?
CLP: Oh yes. It will come out eventually. Like I said, it can't go into your brain.
Me: Yes, again, I know that.
CLP: Okay then. Is there anything else I can help you with?
Me (sighing) No, I'll call you if I have any problems. Thanks.

It was sooooo goofy. Apparently, they don't get phone calls like that!! That night was film class, so, I went there with the thing in my eyelid. It didn't hurt at all, but I could feel it. I get to the class and some of the kids are there. I say, "Well, I did an idiot thing. I tried to put a contact in my eye and now it's stuck! Who wants to put their finger in my eye and get it out?" Apparently, no one wanted the job!! Finally, the guy I work with said, "I wear contacts, you want me to try to get it out?" I said, "Sure, I don't care just get it out!" He walks over to me and I just looked at him and said, "Uh, can you wash your hands first?".

So, I sat down in a chair, leaned my head back and he started poking and prodding at my eye. Apparently, this sucker had wedged its way up under the eyelid muscle!! He finally worked it down a bit, but couldn't get his finger on it. He said, okay who has fingernails and can pull it down! The other teacher who works with us said, "I do, but I don't want to poke in Nikie's eye!". I said, "Go for it. This doesn't hurt me and I want it out!" She so did not want to go near my eye, but she bravely and very gently caught the tip of it with her fingernail and pulled it out from under my eyelid. Once I saw it over my pupil (it got real blurrry) I grabbed it and pulled it off my eye!! Tadah!

I wanted to put it back in to try it since I now had people who could pull it out if necessary, but they said no way!

The next day, I told my husband, "Hey! I have an idea!! It's time for me to have my yearly eye exam right? So, why don't I go down to the doctor's office, get my eyes checked and see if they can show me how to put in contacts!" And that's what I did!! But, when I asked them to do that, they said it would be a liability for them to show me with contacts I didn't get from them. Being that the glasses I already had should still work for the next year and my insurance did allow for contacts, my doctor prescribed for me new colored contacts! Whoo hoo!! Then, they showed me how to put in contacts!!! Now, I know how to put them in and it only took one try! I don't wear them every day, so these should last a few years!

The stuff I go through just for fun! But, they look cool!