Thursday, June 25, 2009

Let The Good Times Roll

Have you ever felt that you were living the story of Neil Simon's play "God's Favorite"? Or, better known as the story of Job?
The day after Memorial day my husband came home from work at 10am. I said, "Wow, honey, you're home from work early!" He said, "Yup! I'll give you three guesses why and the first two don't count!"

Truthfully, we knew the day was coming that he would be laid off as they told him a year earlier that he was on the short list. At least it lasted longer than we thought it would. So, onward and upward. He's sending out resumes and we're hoping that he won't be out of work for long.

Later that week my daughter's pet rabbit died. It was a cute little bunny, but contrary to what you see on t.v., veggies are really not good for a baby rabbits' diet and it was a hard lesson to learn. Now she has a new bunny and it is thriving wonderfully and growing by leaps and bounds. Her first rabbit's name was Peace and this one is called Puzzle. As she put it, this is a missing Peace to her Puzzle.

A few days after that I noticed some bites on my legs. Didn't think anything of them, but they didn't go away as most bites often do. The following week, the bites were still there followed by funky rashes on my feet and hands. By the end of the weekend, the rashes had spread to my arms and back. I made an appointment with a dermatologist who confirmed........Lyme's Disease! Oh, joy! Could these weeks get any better? The good news? It's not contagious and now I'm loaded with antibiotics for a really long time! At least the horrendous spots on my body are slowly going away so I don't scare young children as I walk down the street!

But wait! There's more! Yesterday, my daughter walked outside towards our pasture to find a strange dog out there and our 6 year old horse dead. We don't know if the dog had anything to do with it or the 103 degree heat that we've had the past few days or a combination of both. After frantically searching for someone with a backhoe to bury him that day and hoping that it wasn't going to cost an arm and a leg, we found that the county will come and do it for free. Well, I guess they may raise my taxes, but they were out there within the hour with a huge Gradall and buried our beautiful horse.

Do, you think the excitement ends there? Oh, of course not my dear readers. I can't let this end on a sad note. I'll let it end on something thrilling! Because we are having an unusual eventful time in our lives we have to have something involving the police, right? Did I get your attention now?

I will try to change the names to protect the innocent! So, my husband was leaving the parking lot of a big store that kind of rhymes with BalCart when he said a guy and a girl ran in front of his car! He didn't think anything of it except that he almost hit them! He said one of them had a bag in their hands and threw it and stuff flew out of it. They took off running. My husband went his usual way to leave when he saw the girl running very fast in his direction towards the gas station. If you want to be inconspicuous, DON'T RUN! So, he decided to turn into the gas station to see what she would do. She ran into some trees to hide. My husband saw what looked like an undercover officer who was looking for her and told him "She's in the trees!". The cop was on the phone apparently calling 911, jumped out of his truck, the girl jumped out of the trees and both took off running. My husband then went to leave again but saw a truck that looked like it was waiting for the girl and the girl was runnning to it, so my husband moved in front of the truck and stopped. The girl jumped in the truck, but since my husband wouldn't move, the officer caught up, grabbed the girl out of the truck and handcuffed her. At that time, police cars from all over converged onto the scene and my husband toodled on home. He did his good deed for the day!

I'm very glad that there were no weapons involved and he came home safely.

Maybe our karma is changing and we will soon be back to normal.


RS said...

holy crap... just a LITTLE too many stressor happening sister. sorry to hear that so many negative things have been hurling at you guys; but, very grateful that tom helped law enforcement and, more grateful that he was not hurt.