Monday, August 4, 2008

Things to Do During a Power Outage

It was just your typical day. HOT! Was there rain finally coming over the horizon? Figuring it would be a good time to go into my workshop, I stepped outside. It was a full blown windstorm going on. Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore! After twirling in the wind for a few moments, I decided to get to work. I love being in my workshop and hearing the sounds of what's going on outside as things hit the roof. Usually it's just squirrels scampering across the top, running, playing, jumping.

I get all of my ingredients mixed up and head over to the microwave, put my hand on the door and.....all the power goes out. In the words of the sage and wise Erkel, I think, "Did I do that?". I wait a few moments thinking that it could be a surge, but to no avail. The power is out. Besides, the rain is coming down pretty hard now and looking outside, it keeps changing directions so I might as well stay put.

I stay in there for awhile getting things done, but without light and really, without a/c it becomes obvious that I should get back to the house. The rain has quit and it has cooled off a little, but not much.

Back in the house, the rest of the family is just laying around with the doors open. Not really much else to do when the power is out! Did anyone call the electric company? No! The power won't come on until 5:20pm, an hour from now. Number one thing to do when the power is out?
Take a nap! Wake up. It's 6:15pm. No power. Call the electric company again and it is now pushed to 8:00pm. Second thing to do when the power is out? Go find somewhere to eat that has a/c, possibly t.v. and something to do! A sports bar with interactive t.v.!!! We're there!
As we head down the road we see what the problem is. There is a huge power pole with power lines strewn across the road. We see fire trucks, but no electric trucks. I think this is going to take awhile! Turn around and head in another direction to get to the sports bar.

Note to self. There's only so much you can do in a sports bar.
1.Play interactive t.v. (BTW we rock at trivia!)
2. Play Texas Hold 'em Poker, a game where when you lose all your money, they magically give you more! Wouldn't it be great if Vegas did the same thing?
3. Eat

Before we head home, we call the electric company again to see if our power is finally back on......Due to lightning strikes and service calls to Houston and Louisiana, we estimate that your service will now be back on around 7:00am!

Uh, can we sleep here tonight?

The drive home is morose, dreading the thought of sleeping in a hot house, we talk about the olden days. But didn't they have high ceilings, or better yet, people who fanned them to sleep? I want one of those people!

As we arrive home in the misty rain, we do what most people do in a power outage, #3! Light candles, which brings me to the number four thing you can do in a power outage! Take pictures. What? Yes, you're bored, let's gather up the family and do a photo shoot. You're hot, sweaty. Those are the best pictures, right? Nahhh, I wouldn't do that to the wonderful people I love! Well, yes, I would, but not this time. Here is what I took.

Which brings me to the 5th thing you can do in a power outage. GO TO BED! Not much else! Just go to sleep and hope that the a/c gods will provide and turn on your electricity! But, we did find some comfort in the ice that was melting in our freezer! Put those cubes in zip loc bags and toss those in the bed with you! It does help!

And, as you can see my dear reader, our power is back on! I am going to stand in front of the a/c all day today and not move and be thankful to the person who created this wonderful piece of machinery! I hope that everyone has a wonderful, cool day today!