Friday, January 4, 2008

What to Do? What to Do?

First of all......HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Can you believe it? Time has flown. First I'm talking about ugly Christmas sweaters and the next thing you know, it's 2008! WHAT???? Man, did I fall asleep or what? Even in just a few days a LOT can happen! And, as it happens at the end of every year something MAJOR happens! I'm not talking about the fireworks, champagne, ringing in something new. I'm talking about Rayne's birthday!!! Yes, the kiddo has turned 10!! Or, so she has informed me, she will no longer be in single digits ever in her life!! LOL!! Although it was a quiet birthday, she will have her birthday party this weekend as a Sock Hop!! As she opened her few family gifts and pondered as to what was going to be a quiet day, she said, but....this is a MAJOR birthday, I'M TEN!!!! I looked at her and said, and next year you will say, but it's a MAJOR birthday, I'm almost a tween!!! The following year, you will say, but mom, it's a MAJOR birthday, I AM a Tween!! The year after that, you will say, but Mom, it's a major birthday, I AM A TEENAGER!!! So, I told her, we have plenty of major birthdays left!! :)

She just looked at me and in perfect Rayne drama style, stomped out of the room!! Yes, it has begun! But what started out as the worst birthday ever ended up being fun! I aquiesced and we went to the dreaded mall and even worse still, went to Build-A-Bear!! Ugh. For dinner, we went to our favorite sushi restuarant where our favorite owner/chef gave us a great gift and took 10% off the meal!! Can't beat that!! Hmmmm....will that go up each year!! Hey, wait, I'm 43, will it work for me? :) Now, we are getting ready for the Sock Hop party tomorrow. Got the poodle skirt ready, got the music (thanks to Dish TV) and scene setters. The house will be decked out and lookin' good!!! Rootbeer floats anyone?

Now, onto the other kids. We heard from Marshall on Christmas Day. That was nice and he was getting ready to see Robin Williams, Lewis Black and Kid Rock perform. That sounded like fun and I hope he had a good time with that. It looks like everything is still set for him to come home around the end of March beginning of April. Crossing my fingers here. We got a letter from Trent and he sounds good too. He says Marine basic training is harder than he thought it would be but he's loving it. He got through the 3 weeks of field training with flying colors and looking forward to everything else. Jaimie is graduating Air Force basic training next week, so we're going to go watch her and it's also our 11th anniversary!!! Can ya'll believe that in itself!! We've been together 14 years and now celebrating our 11th anniversary on January 11th!! Whoo hoo!!

Oh, and the foster puppy that we have has found a home. Yup, you guessed it. Ours!! It wasn't even me who suggested it either!!! I was talking to my wonderful hubby letting him know that the puppy needed to go back to the shelter to get his second round of shots and he said, well, while he's down there, do you think they'll cut him too? I said, well they only nueter when he's been adopted. He said, well, we're only going to have the Dane a few more years (she's 8) and this one seems like he's a pretty good dog and if you were going to get another anyway after her, you might as well have a good one instead of taking a chance and not get one you'd like!!! LOL!!! He's so funny!! I said, you like this dog don't you? He wouldn't admit at first, but then he said, he kind of liked the little guy!! Too funny!! So, now I guess we're going to adopt our foster puppy. I swear he looks like a webkins. Introducing Kipper!!

Here's wishing everyone of ya'll a Safe, Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2008!!!