Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What to write about?

I needed to update my other blog and asked Rayne what to write about. Go figure I should ask her right? But, you know sometimes she might come up with a winner! She answers, you should write about how awesome I am! LOL!! So, here we go. This blog will be about how awesome Rayne is!

As all typical kids, she acts older than she is and tries to dress the same! She thinks that all the rules I put on her I make up just for her! That is until she hears one of friend's mom says the same thing or, until she heard this YouTube video!

Now, I'm just like "EveryMom"!! LOL!! The question she is asking lately is when can she go to the mall with her friends by themselves? Uh, NEVER!! :) Poor thing, being the youngest of all brothers, she's just never going to be able to do anything! I think she's finally starting to realize this.

But enough of her driving me crazy and looking into the future of her growing up and driving me even more crazy. What makes my kiddo awesome?

She cracks me up and makes me smile 99% of the time. She has a sense of style in what she wears. She has no problem making friends wherever she goes and everyone she meets is attracted to her. She's definitely one in a million!! Most of all, I love her!!

She's an awesome kiddo!!! :)