Sunday, April 4, 2010

Could You Take My Picture? Cause I Won't Remember..

Well, that's exactly not true. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure and honor to be part of the crew on the movie Backstabber (coming Spring 2011). I've helped out on shoots before but this was quite different. One, there was a great camaraderie between the cast and crew. Two, the crew worked soooo well together and three, for a thriller/suspense movie, I think we had way more laughs than scares!

Usually on a film, you expect the cast to be in their little clique and the crew to be in theirs. It's a line that's not normally crossed. From the first day of shooting to the last, an instant family was born. During breakfast, lunch and dinner actors and actresses sat with grips, cameramen, gaffers and even, believe it or not, Tyler! Even during the shoot, crew was mixed with cast and vice versa.

Being as I was part of the crew, I was able to work with a great team. Some I had known before and some I had met for the first time. For those I had just met, we were instant friends. From my fellow Rosie the Riveter girl to Gator who didn't mind giving or getting hugs. Even Jonathan with all his geek knowledge was great to get to know, from one geek to another! It brought me closer to the ones I had known before and made shortened friendships feel like I had known them all my life. We were definitely a little family complete with quirks, giggles and a whole lot of TMI (too much information)!

We had stars on the set such as Lorenzo Lamas and Tammy Barr, but whilst still being professional, there was time for a lot of laughs. As a matter of fact, I believe Tyler is still looking for his slate and many of us are probably still walking around muttering "plane" under their breath when one flies over! We also reminisce about Gator's one liners said quietly but with such power to crack everyone up and who could forget Lightning Amen? Then there was Chuck's limericks, poems and dance with a little one, two punch thrown in at least once a day. Tammy, I can't forget you and our bathroom conversations. Who would've thought that one could have the majority of their talks in the toilet and not feel as awkward as writing this.

Even though we were only together for 9 days (albeit 9 long days), it is something that I won't forget and hope to work with these very talented actors and actresses and crew again and again.

See ya at the premiere!

Backstabber photos can be seen here


RS said...

Sounds like it was a really wonderful experience - how neat that you got to do it!