Monday, December 22, 2008

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor......

Who says living out in the middle of nowhere isn't interesting. Many of you hear me talk about the many musings of country life. Well, it's an endless stream of bizarre goings on. We have the dead lady that lives next door, the fake illegals across the street and with them comes their horse who, apparently, hates living there!! She's always breaking out and coming to our house! Pretty much, every day (or night) she comes for a visit. I guess it wouldn't be bad if we wanted a third horse, but considering she comes into our barn and then breaks into the food bins, it gets a little tiresome. This last time, she yet again, broke into the feed bags and consumed a half bag of feed. Yes, I know it is bad for a horse to eat that much food. We called her owners only to find out he was out of town. All throughout the day we chased her and ran her down the road only to see she returned. We let the dogs out after her and she nonchalantly brushed them off. I guess she got tired of me chasing her out of the barn as she sauntered to the end of our driveway and laid down for a nap! Much like a stray dog wandering the street and deciding to catch some rays in the sun! She didn't even move when my husband came home from work. She just casually lifted her head as if he might disturb her beauty sleep and then stretched out even more! At this time I looked across the street and noticed the neighbor's son jumping on the trampoline! Uh, did he not notice his horse had been missing all day and all the previous night? I yelled to the jumping child to come and retrieve his horse. He promptly came over and when I asked him if he had been home, he said why yes he had. I told him that we had his horse and all I received was a grumbled, "Oh." I then proceeded to tell him that his horse had eaten a bag of our feed and I had been chasing said horse out of our barn all day. Nary a word of sorrow or concern for the horse or any trouble we had gone through was spoken from this creature of a boy. Needless to say, I was not happy about the situation and spoke to the father when he returned from out of town. Apologies were given from the father (but no compensation of the feed) and we were told that the horse was finding a new home, which did happen.

Later that night as I was making fresh hamburgers for the grill, I heard quite a ruckus on our porch. Thinking by some miraculous feat the horse had come back, I peeked out our front door! We had a new visitor! It was a huge, fat possum hanging out on the railing. Having my handy dandy camera on the table, I set down the hamburgers and took a few pictures of this wayward feller! As I went back into the house to grill up our dinner, I went to grab the plate and noticed it was empty and looking at me with big eyes and wagging her tail was our Great Dane licking her chops! Sometimes I just happen to forget that our dog is bigger than the table!

And that, my friends ended our adventurous day out in the middle of nowhere! Dinner ended up being mashed potatoes and some other veggies, but we can't say it wasn't exciting!