Saturday, September 27, 2008

Can You Feel A Brand New Day!

After our week long not asked for camping trip, courtesy of Ike, I am about to really go on a REAL camping trip! It will be quite interesting considering they are not allowing us to sleep in cabins, use the kitchen facilities or the bathrooms at the camp site. I am being trained as part of the Girl Scout Outdoor Training so that I will be able to help lead our troop when we go camping. Yet, they will be able to use the cabins, regular latrines and the kitchen facilities! I am in charge of making the pitilator. Yes, I have no earthly idea what this was, but apparently it is a water jug, with a hole in the bottom, hung from a tree and a stocking with soap in it. An outdoor sink per se!

It will be fun and I am excited as I have camped before (okay so I'm not counting my Ike experience), but now, I do need to go get me a real sleeping bag as I guess Rayne's Cinderella one, just won't do! :)

Also, I just found out that one of my photos that I took at the Frog Exhibit from the Houston Musuem of Natural Science was picked up by Schmap Houston for their inclusion in their Fifth Edition of the Houston Guide! You can see it here: Houston Museum of Natural Science They had informed me back in August that they had seen my photo and would consider me as a finalist in their submissions. I just received their message this week that I made their edition. So, I thought that was pretty cool.

I did take quite a few Ike related pictures and will post them on my Flickr account. Luckily, we did not suffer any serious damage although the horses now have a new gate in the back pasture! We do have some minor roof repair to do this weekend, but thank goodness for beautiful weather! Rayne didn't miss any school since we homeschool, but again, the weather was nice and we enjoyed sitting out on the porch to learn lessons and still continue to do so.

I hope that those still without power get it as quickly as possible and glad that all my friends and family are safe.