Friday, December 14, 2007

What the heck is a Webkinz?

Alright, so now we are going through this phase called a Webkinz!! Who was the brainiac that stuck a W on the foot of a stuffed animal and then created a website for said animal!! I need to shake this person's hand!! Pure genius!! If you need to get something done around the house, dishes washed, rooms cleaned, dinner made.......threaten Webkinz time on the computer!! Heck, you might even get a back massage out of the deal!! I don't know how long it will last, but I'm going to milk it for all it's worth!!
On top of that we seem to have a live Webkinz around here too! We opened up our home and decided to foster a puppy. Well, I don't know if we is the operative word, The conversation may have gone a bit like this:

Me: Honey, do you want to foster a puppy?

My Husband: No, not really.

Me: But they're going to put the mom and the puppies down if they don't find homes.

My Husband: I really don't want another dog in the house.

Me: We're not going to keep it. Just foster it until it finds a home.

My Husband (exasperated): I don't care!

Me: Thanks hun!

So, now we are fostering this puppy that is now 7 weeks old. It has grown into it's cuteness. We're thinking it's some kind of terrier and maybe Jack Russell because of the coloring. But what it really looks like is some kind of snowball and a cross of a plush Webkinz! It has this spaz fur all over it that sticks out, especially on his face where it looks like the eyebrows of an 80 year old man has just taken it over entirely!! He is completely white with the exception of one black eye and an opposite black ear.

When he was 5 weeks old, we thought he had kennel cough in which he proceeded to give that to all four of our dogs. That in turn became distemper. He did survive but now he has the remnants of the nerve damage. Now, besides the funky hair, he has the shakes every once in awhile. It's actually quite amusing to watch. There's nothing mentally wrong with him, he's a very happy go lucky dog and loves to follow you around! He's going to make someone a very good companion one day, but with 5 dogs in the house we are full!!
If you happen to know anyone looking for a puppy, let me know!! He's ready for his new home!