Sunday, March 18, 2007

The misunderstanding of blogging!

Everyone tells me I need to start a blog! Why? Do I really need to? Everyone has one, right? Do, I really need to right down my deepest thoughts, my passing fancies? How do you go about writing a blog? Do you start rambling on like a raving lunatic where no one wants to read what you post anyway? And, if you do start to write one, who really is going to read it in the first place. Is it wise to tell all your friends to check out your blog? Or, should you wait till you really have something significant to say? I feel I've been using the computer since there were gopher holes back in the 80's to even get on the internet. Why do I feel so inadequate in writing a blog?
So, this will be my feeble attempt in trying to catch up with the mainstream and write what comes through this scattered brain of mine. Maybe something good will come out of this? We'll see. Can you teach this old dog new tricks?

We'll see!


smoness said...

Haha, Hey! Another one bites the dust! Welcome to the bloggosphere!
--I like to use my blog as a great tool for people to keep up with what I'm doing. Whenever I talk to someone I haven't chatted to in a while, and they want to know what I've been up to, my response is almost always, "Oh, go read my blog." =)

Rhonda said...

Ha! I use my blog as mental floss. I get to rant and SOMETIMES people read it. I also use it as a way to (hopefully) work on my creative writing skills. Sometimes I write something good.

However, I won't show up on search engines, because I really don't think I write anything that anyone I'm not related to cares about.